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We offer peace of mind by not only treating current termite infestation but by proactively treating your home, apartment building or business.


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Ray's Review




Riverside, CA

Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

They do an excellent job.

A year ago I had Paul from Pacific Coast Termite come out and do the original inspection. He drew up the plans, and then the following week two technicians did everything. They did a very good job. About 6 to 8 months later I noticed some more activity, and then I had some more activity again towards the end of the one year contract.

I got a notice that said that I could extend my contract, and I meant to do that because I saw some activity, but than I forgot about it. About a week after the expiration I called Pacific Coast to ask if I could still extend it. They said it was absolutely no problem to extend it, so I was extremely happy with that.

So, last week Courtney came out to check the activity. He was extremely professional in everything he did. He was very well informed and answered all my questions and concerns. He gave me all kinds of good information about what to do in the future. He did an extremely good job.

I did originally think that the price was a little high, but I didn't check out other places. When Pacific Coast Termite says they will do something, they will do it. Also, they will be there when they say. My time frame was from 8-10, and Courtney was there at 8:01 AM. You can't get better than that.