Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

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We offer peace of mind by not only treating current termite infestation but by proactively treating your home, apartment building or business.


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Ron's Review




Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

Generally pleased.

The experience varies. Over the years we have been using Pacific Coast Termite, we have had a variety of technicians come out, and some were very thorough where some were not. These last few techs have been very good. The last one, Dan, was very thorough.

Every year we get termites, and we have termites this year earlier than last year. Usually, we get them in December, when it starts to rain. Now, we're getting them in the Summer and Fall heat, so I don't know if we had someone else, whether it would be better or not. My wife thinks it should be once and that's it, but I don't think that's really how it works.

Generally, I have been pretty pleased with them and pleased with their response. They do come out and take care of the problem at the time it happens or within a week.