Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

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We offer peace of mind by not only treating current termite infestation but by proactively treating your home, apartment building or business.


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Darrell 's Review




Huntington Beach, CA

Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

A company with faith in their product and process.

Pacific Coast Termite is committed to providing a high level of professional and quality service. They are a good organization with some quality people on their team.

It is hard for me to assess the effectiveness of their solution, mainly because I cannot see the areas in my attic where I had the most problems. However, Pacific Coast Termite provides you with a level of assurance so that you can be confident that if you have any other infestations, they are going to come back and treat them.

I decided to use Pacific Coast Termite after my initial conversation with James, the owner. He took a lot of time to answer my questions and tell me about the pros and cons of the treatment. He was straight with me in terms of what it would and would not do. After talking to James, I felt that I could make an informed decision.

Justin, the technician who came out and treated my house, was great. However, when I tried to follow up with him about some infestations that I saw after the treatment, he was not responsive. I contacted the owner and found out that Justin had relocated to another office.

The next 2 people who followed up with me were great -- very responsive. In particular, my experience with the last technician I worked with, Mauro, definitely enhanced my confidence in Pacific Coast Termite.

Mauro was punctual, professional and thorough. He even helped me to move a heavy, framed mirror that was close to the affected area. After he treated the area, he assisted in rehanging the mirror. I was so impressed with him that I sent an email to the owners.

I would recommend Pacific Coast Termite. I think that they offer the right type of solution for this time in our planet's history. It is a fabulous alternative to putting a tent over your house and filling it with poisonous gas that undoubtedly gets in your fabrics.

Also, they offer an ongoing maintenance component -- I believe it is a 2-year warranty. For a nominal fee, you can continue that warranty indefinitely, which is a no-brainer. Any company willing to make that kind of commitment has a high level of faith in their product and process.

D. Hennegen