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Bayport , NY

Blue Point-Bayport Animal Hospital

Heartless Bastards

My friend had a 20 something year old cat who was clearly ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge but these heartless bastards kept playing on her love for this precious family member and kept "treating" her when it was OBVIOUS to the UNTRAINED EYES that there was no hope of saving this precious kitty. As recently as last night when my friend brought her cat into this place, they drew blood from her good leg and gave her a shot so she would get her appetite back and start drinking water. Nikki KNEW she was DONE! That's why she stopped eating and drinking!
This morning, my friend accepted the inevitable and brought her beloved cat to this place to have her put down. This woman spent hundreds if not more, dollars to try to save Nikki and these mother f'n sobs had the gall to charge her $200 to do what THEY KNEW should have been done months ago! If this animal hospital was THE ONLY one on earth, I wouldn't go to them! It's clearly all about the almighty dollar. They don't care about their patients or their families! May these vets rot in $@!#%!!!!!!