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The ultimate car detailing service in the NY, NJ, CT, and PA areas. CP Car Detailing is incredibly obsessed with perfecting the appearance of anything.


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Staten Island, NY

CP Car Detailing

Too good to be True

I made an appointment with Ciro and agreed to his ridiculous price of $600.00 which is more than anyone charges in the automotive detailing industry. His website and his pitch was the only thing that pursued me to use him.

The website says the job would take 6-8 hours for the package I had chosen.

My first complaint is that (2) kids show up in a low rider BMW to detail my car and was not Ciro who was the owner operator and who were working out of a car. (Not a good business introduction)

My second complaint is these kids after just (2) hours of working told me they were done?

I immediately called Ciro and explained my concern because I was paying top dollar for something he advertises should have taken 6-8 hours; he went on the defense stating that because there were two people that times gets cut in half. Since he wanted to use mathematics as his defense then the time should have taken at least 3.5 hours and not two. I didnt need to go over the car with a magnifying glass to see that the door jambs were filthy; along with the rims and the air vents and that basically I just got taken advantage of by this company.

I had to point out all of the areas of concern to these individuals which were clear to the naked eye to anyone who was looking at the car and make sure that they cleaned these areas over. .

Bottom line the cars paint detail was fine but not worth the $600.00 CP Detailing is charging. The chemicals I saw that they were using were bottom line chemicals and not high end waxes which I have been accustomed to receiving.

Shoppers Beware!


Dear Joe,

We are sorry and surprised that you were unhappy with our service, as you posted on this site, despite your apparent satisfaction when you paid us afterward in line with our estimate. We therefor appreciate the opportunity to respond to what we feel was not an accurate or fair review. You selected and we performed a wash, clay, 1 step polishing process, wax, and interior. We used recognized premium products (no over-the-counter or "bottom line chemicals") - Chemical Guys wash with full foam method, Adam's Clay and Optimum No-Rinse as lubricant, Iron-X for Iron Decontamination, Sonax Perfect Finish for polishing and Menzerna Color Lock as wax. For the interior we used 1z cockpit premium and 1z deep plastic cleaner. Since you said you were unhappy with the early finish we performed full engine bay cleaning, leather conditioning and exhaust polishingfree of charge.

The time we spent with our equipment at your premises for two persons working non-stop for 3 hours, was appropriate for the job and used efficiently. We are proud of our professional work, with which you seemed pleased, even though you sought a discount which we could not provide - thus our surprise at your review. Sincerely,


CP Car Detailing commented on 04/18/2014