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Copycat Covers

Copycat Covers are getting a bad rap

Guys and girls well the girls really as they are the ones who allow us to own boats and have fun…., Well sort of. Let me tell you, I can say this here as she don’t know horses on how to use the computer, but at the end of the day the old lady rules and with an iron fist. Let me tell you, I have been reading these blogs way before we did business with the guys at copycat. But let me tell you, we also did business with copycat covers and yes although they have new business issues, they always let us know what was going on, despite my wife wanting to drop the trash on them, not saying mind you that its good business to not deliver on time, but these guys are new and whoever started it while the country is going to the dogs needs a big hand, at least they need to employ people, so give them some credit for that, after all, that sort of courage is what this country was built on. I should know! (I am an American) And like the rating stars, I give these guys 100%. My families were founders of this county and they came from the commonwealth and America would not be as it is today.