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Inept Medical Advice/It's all about the money

I recently had one of my cats brought into see Dr. Robert Dann. First off, Dr. Dann had zero experience with this breed, the Elf cat, somewhat similar to a Sphynx but it has hard rigid cartilage forming a curved ear. Dr. Dann said the ears must be unhealthy, since he was uneducated on how the ears should be formed. A good veterinarian would have taken a little time to learn about the breed before carelessly diagnosing something as a problem when it wasn't.

He then said the ears were impacted with wax. (No antibiotics needed, just an ear flush.)

Secondly, the cat had sneezed while it was at the vet. The cat had a bit of a runny nose. This is not uncommon for a cat that has faced stressful experiences. The cat had just traveled seven hours, including flying on a plane in my lap, only to arrive and be handed over to strangers. I know the cat was stressed out a bit. The fact the veterinarian didn't take this into consideration shows again how substandard his care.

Dr. Dann told the new owner there was no way he could guarantee that the cat wouldn't face a life of respiratory problems. NO ONE can ever guarantee the health of anything, whether a human or animal. That was the only thing he could share with his client, no testing, no real diagnosis. He then told her she should return the cat if she didn't want to pay for the ear cleaning or future care should the cat end up with a respiratory problem.

If you want your pet to go to a veterinarian where it gets proper diagnosis, care for it's breed type, don't go to Blum Animal Hospital, especially if Dr. Dann is the acting Veterinarian. If you love your pet, take it elsewhere.

I posted this on Yelp, and Kimberly, the Business Manager, tried to discredit whom I was instead of addressing the issues discussed above. Blum hospital is stating that I wasn't one of their clients, thus I couldn't have an opinion. My CAT was one of their patients, and the client, Ms. Izman, gave me (the cat breeder) permission to discuss the visit my cat had with Dr. Dann. Instead of addressing the substandard service my cat received, the office is trying to disqualify me and my experience. Once again, substandard service. Backs up their lacking care for the animal, and more care about scaring pet owners into extensive, unnecessary expenses.