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Coastal Air has been a family owned business serving New England since 1990. We have extensively trained technicians who make sure the job is done right.


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Somerville, MA

Coastal Air, Heat and Refrigeration

It's possible we had an unusual situation.

I was disappointed in the company misdiagnosing the furnace repair in our building as a different issue than it was. The furnace needed to be replaced due to internal corrosion and a high carbon monoxide level in the exhaust-this replacement was done by another firm that diagnosed the issue with a video camera and a CO sensor correctly later. Coastal was very accomodating when I suggested that they discount their services appropriately. I appreciated their cooperative attitude and understand that it may have been a difficult repair to diagnose.


Hello Dean. We are so sorry our technician misdiagnosed your problem. We appreciate your feed back and honesty. Unfortunately our technician was not equipped to diagnose the cracked heat exchanger due to not having the correct instruments which is their responsibility. Since then we have purchased the necessary tools for him so this never happens again. We sincerely regret this happening and wish you the best.

Coastal Air, Heat and Refrigeration commented on 02/29/2016