Coastal Air, Heat and Refrigeration

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Coastal Air has been a family owned business serving New England since 1990. We have extensively trained technicians who make sure the job is done right.


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Halifax, MA

Coastal Air, Heat and Refrigeration

Skilled installers, honest and reasonable

The phone contact initially is with Sonny and she was very helpful setting up the estimate. The owner Mike came out and walked us through our options and, later sent an estimate via email. I asked to change the estimate as my wife had some aesthetic concerns and that happened quickly. We set a date and the install guys came on time. After they were there a while, they told us that what they had and what we needed didn't seem to jibe. So they called Mike and he came down to Halifax from Quincy and talked to us. The misunderstanding was on our part but Mike did a quick change to the estimate, we agreed to it, and they continued. It turned out another part was needed so Sonny drove down from Quincy with the part (not her typical job.)

I was impressed with their commitment to our job. They were done in nearly the same amount of time they had said they would be originally and we ended up paying LESS than the estimate. I told Mike that many contractors might have said nothing and just installed it as is despite it being too much for our needs. He said he wanted it done right and then they never have to come back to touch it again. I agree with that. And we haven't needed them to come back. Getting it installed in August did not give us time to use it too much but, when we did, it worked great and really spread through the house more than we expected.

Because this is the Mitsubishi system, it also is a heater as well and we have used that the last few weeks and it too is great. Very quiet. You have to put your hand up to the vent to know it is on. I'm looking forward to our reduced oil bills this winter because of it.

I paid the deposit and the balance on my Amex card which was a great option so I get the points. I did tons of research on mini-splits, Mitsubishi and on Coastal. My Coastal research was mostly from Angie's list and really got it right for this company. Straight shooters, skilled installers, honest and reasonable. I will always pay a little extra for good service and future peace of mind. I got that here.