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Fischer Plumbing adheres to a service philosophy founded on the understanding that people deserve to be treated with utmost respect by those who enter their homes.


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Shawn's Review




Seattle, WA

Fischer Plumbing

nice folks, but they're overpriced and unresponsive and the work is of questionable quality

Quoted me 4-5 days and $8,000 to install a pre-fabricated hydronic system and tankless hot water heater.

Ultimately, it took 9+ days and cost nearly $16,000.

And on the day they finished up, I came home to discover a gas leak in the new work that put me and my family at risk until the next morning when a tech could come out and replace the improperly installed joint.

And to top that off, I had to call 3 times to get them to send me a final bill (they were still "progress billing" me a month after the job was done) and am (2 months after completion) still waiting for a break-down of the charges (the bill included a charge for more than $1,700 in parts for a system that I purchased myself, so I've repeatedly asked for a break-down of the parts they sold me and why they cost so much).

I knew I would pay top dollar on this project, but did not think that it would be possible to double what they quoted me. Also, I didn't expect to have significant issues with the workmanship -- the install crew seemed competent, but coming home to find a gas leak when they were done severely undermined my confidence in this assessment.

If I could do it over again, I would have gone with someone else. And i'll be hard pressed to use or recommend Fischer Plumbing in the future.