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Fischer Plumbing adheres to a service philosophy founded on the understanding that people deserve to be treated with utmost respect by those who enter their homes.


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Brent's Review




Seattle, WA

Fischer Plumbing

I would recommend your company to any of my neighbors/friends!

This review is to both thank you and congratulate you for having hired Dan Arzola and Isaac, as well as the lady with whom I spoke with, who booked them so promptly.

Yesterday I took a day off my job to get estimates from various companies about furnace and chimney work, as I have a leak around my inside furnace pipe, and was told by my oil company technician that the chimney needed replacing. The first furnace person showed up and told me it was a sewer issue and recommended calling Fischer Plumbing. A very nice lady worked on getting someone immediately, as I explained I had taken the day off work.

Dan came out within a half hour. He assessed the problem and called to have someone look in the clean out; Isaac arrived immediately after his call and told me the sewer was okay, it was ground water.
Both of these young men were totally pleasant and professional, and took only the amount needed to assess the problem.

Isaac recommended calling a waterproofing company to handle the waterproofing issues.

Having been the recipient of quite a few “no shows” and not-so-honest people.
I am so pleased to be able to say that based on my interactions with Fischer Plumbing, I would recommend your company to any of my neighbors/friends!