Vulcan Basement Waterproofing

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Since 1947 we've performed Basement Waterproofing services for homeowners and businesses. We also install stone and epoxy flooring as well as Safety-Flex flooring.


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5 Stars

Freehold, NJ


Extremely satisfied!

We had our basement waterproofed by Vulcan sometime before hurricane Sandy hit. It proved to be a quality job!! The sump pump kicked in and not a drop of water! After years of dealing with soggy carpets and ruined items, we have never had a water issue again. We... Read More

5 Stars

Springfield Gardens, NY


Great work, very satisfied

I recently went to Vulcan Basement Waterproofing because there was a possibility of flooding happening at our home, and was quite happy with how the work from them went. The people we talked to from Vulcan were very friendly and professional, and did a great job of... Read More

5 Stars

Oyster Bay, NY


Everything Was Awesome

I appreciated absolutely everything about Vulcan Basement Waterproofing. Everything was awesome. The personalities of their staff were amazing, extremely helpful and honest. Very good at figuring out the problem and handling it. The estimator was an older man who... Read More

5 Stars

Hicksville, NY


Great Service and Great Work!

I had a very specific reason for reaching out to Vulcan Basement Waterproofing and it actually took several years to develop. The home they worked on was in Queens and it was a brick house sitting in the middle of the block. There was a cement drainage area added... Read More

5 Stars

Douglaston, NY


No More Wet Basement!

What a God Send! A friend recommended Vulcan Waterproofing to fix my basement flooding problems. The salesman was knowledgeable and friendly. He assessed the problem and implemented the remedy. They saw-cut the foundation, excavated, installed a pipe around the... Read More

4 Stars

Nowhereland, NY


The system works. Nice job.

This past winter Vulcan cam in and put a french drain and sump pump system in my basement. 2 days construction, and more than $10,000 later (the agreed price), it was done. When the snows came and melted later in January, I could hear that sump pump firing off... Read More

1 Stars

Quuens, NY


Horrible Company

This company is horrible. They do not return cancellation money until 2 month later and spend it to you in payment. Do not know who the manager is. They sales person are paid on commission. So they jack up the price and very rude over the phone. The only person seem... Read More

1 Stars

Woodbury, NY


Basement water problem not solved

Hello, On Oct 5th your company sent a team of workers for installing a French drain system in my house. I did inform your office after the work was completed that one of the workers literally just without asking went straight upto the bedroom and opened a closed... Read More

2 Stars

Philadelphia, PA


Will not recommend this company

While the people were nice they did a lazy job. I had my French drain placed back in 2013. I am very upset that they took the easy way out and put the drain into my stack pipe in the front and now I can't put any closet doors back up because the pipe is in the way.... Read More

1 Stars

Flushing Queens, NY


Terrible experience

We had water coming into our basement at a new home. We did not know where the water was coming from, so we called Vulcan Basement Waterproofing and told the company we need help. Steve came out and we showed him the pictures of flooding and damage. He said the land... Read More

1 Stars

Staten Island, NY



if I had only followed my instinct I would've saved myself a lot of aggravation. I had appointment to have a French drain system installed in December 2014. Not only did the workers arrive over an hour late without calling I might add , one of the workers had... Read More

1 Stars

Nassau , NY


Did not like the way the company dealt with things!

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing was very expensive! I had no idea that when they were doing the stuff in the basement, that cost thousands of dollars, part of it would get chopped away. I thought they were going to fill it in, instead it was all chopped around and... Read More

5 Stars

Huntington Station , NY


Overall, excellent service and experience

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing came on time and did an estimate. They were very neat and on time, considering it was a messy job. We have never had a problem with them. I have already recommended them to others. Read More

5 Stars

Brooklyn, NY


Best Crew I've Ever Had in My Home

The Vulcan crew, led by Derek, arrived exactly on time, did a beautiful job efficiently and quickly and left the basement cleaner than they found it. I had some questions, which were answered thoughtfully, politely and patiently. I have never encountered such... Read More

3 Stars

South Hampton, NY


I hope it works because the installation was unpleasant...

Vulcan said they would install the system without doing certain damage, and in fact, they did more damage than they projected. They were supposed to give me a credit for the damage they did, but it never happened. I would be careful about how much dust and... Read More