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Irvine, CA

Checkered Flag Car Wash

Damaged my car and refuse to be responsible for it.

Damaged my car and refuse to be responsible for it.

Checked your car for damages thoroughly before you drive off the lot. Otherwise you are stuck with the bill because they won't take responsibility for it.

It is my first time at this car wash. I did a yelp and this car wash has a slightly better rating than the one that is closest to my house.

Paid $129.99 for a completed inside detail of my mini van.

When I picked up my car I realized the foot rest on one of the seat in the second row was popped up.

I thought they don't know how to put it back and I tried it myself but I wasn't able to. I figured I will have my husband do it since I have a weak arm.

Next morning we are off to Mammoth. When we stopped at a gas station I remembered it and ask my husband to put the foot rest back for me.

He did everything correctly but the foot rest is till up and that is when I realized there is a crack on the foot rest.

I called the car wash right away and was told to bring my car in when I get back from the trip.

Chuck the manager took a look at my foot rest and basically told me he will advise the owner not to pay for the damage because I didn't notify them before I drive the car off the lot.

He thinks my husband broke it when he tried to put it back. I told him I didn't hear any crack sound when my husband try to put it back. If so I would know it was us that caused the damage not them. And I asked him how does he know it was my husband that causes the damage not his employees that causes the damage. He didn't even ask his employees. The fact the foot rest was up when I picked up the car it means his employees don't know how to put it back. How does he know his employees didn't broke it.

Anyway they refused to be responsible for the damage. My only mistake is I trusted them and drove the car off the lot without checking for damages.

I am never going back. There is nothing worst than a company that won't be responsible for their own actions.