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I also have problems with a long wait,while having an appointment.the usual weight is probably about 2 hours and then you sit in the office for another hour .Then they don't even seem like they know what they're doing, while cleaning my teeth they actually ran out of water, I can't even describe half my horrible experiences.S.o then after going for the second time they decided they don't take my insurance so I asked for my x-rays which I got a bunch of runaround about that.Isee someone else have the same problems I had time to get the xrays.II was told I had to wait until the manager ok. And this one time like 4-5 times.II signed a release I faxed a release I went in and still no xrays so I contacted the Better Business Bureau.They tried twice and never got a response from them, so now they're getting a bad review from the Better Business Bureau.I was told to contact Attorney General and I guess it will be my next step.All I asked for was my property, the x-rays that were paid for by me, or for them to pay for another set, and never to get either one.I would like to know the reason for them not giving me my xrays, did they ever really taken them, or do they even have them?