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Crown Point, IN

Dental Dreams

Horrible Staff especially the Office Manager Sarah

The management of this dental office is horrendous and unprofessional!!!!!! If you ever go here and then become a patient any where else, make sure you don't need any of your medical information from this place. My daughter was a patient and then I moved (out of state) and had to switch dental facilities and I called them for FOUR MONTHS trying to get my daughters medical records/x-rays sent over to her new dentist and I even went in person to sign a release form (which they STILL couldn't give me her medical records in person) for them to send the information over and they just kept telling me over the phone that they would send them and never did. Their policies are a joke as is their corporate policies. The facility manager Sarah is completely incompetent in her position, she is the only one that can send out medical information such as x-rays and waiting on her to actually do her job or even when speaking to her is like pulling teeth without a painkiller. The other staff can't send ANY medical records and so waiting on the manager to do it, you will be left waiting a life time. Talking to the people on the phone was horrible, they act as though they can't understand what you are calling about and act as though you are speaking an unknown language and will treat you as though you are dumb and dealing with you for them seems like a hassle and they could care less! I would never recommend this dentist office to my enemy. My advice would be to stay away from this dentist practice and find a dentist facility who employs people who are competent AND helpful because the people at Dental Dreams are neither.

P.S. I STILL NEVER GOT MY DAUGHTERS MEDICAL RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How this practice got 3.5 stars is BEYOND comprehension!!!!!! Dental dreams? More like Dental Nightmare!