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Unsatisfactory used car evaluation

Used car evaluation recommended service items that were not needed and failed to identify certain other items that were needed. Examples include recommend timing belt and water pump service despite label under plastic engine cover that clearly stated this service had been performed 20,00 miles ago. In other words, the service did not include removal of 5 bolts securing engine cover to inspect valve cover, coil packs, plugs, etc., At the other end of the spectrum they failed to identify a burned out tail light as well as missing fuses that rendered the washer fluid pump and fog light inoperative.


David, I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the results of your used car evaluation at our shop. I think possibly that my Customer Service Rep was not clear on what we do and what you can expect to get when she checked you in. Our used car evaluation is meant to identify issues that are serious and may cost you money to address, or may cause you to not want to own a certain vehicle. It does not include diagnosis of any problems we find, but rather simply point out what is defective. The idea is that you can then use the information and negotiate to have the seller/car lot fix the issues, or negotiate a price reduction if you prefer to do the work yourself.
In your case, we offered to diagnose the things you knew were wrong, but you declined. I am surprised that you are upset that we did not “find” problems you already knew about. We also routinely ask for any service records as this affects our recommendations to you. My check in person asked you for any known service records and she indicates that you said you were buying from a co-worker and that there were no records of work that had been done.
I have checked the service items that my Service Manager discussed with you as needing to be done, as well as discussed the findings with my Lead Technician who performed the inspection. They are all correct and valid recommendations in my opinion. The only two items that were in question for me and were recommended based on mileage in the absence of service records were the tune up and timing belt replacement. (I am assuming that these are the items that you say were not needed?) You are correct that we did not remove the engine cover to inspect what was underneath, because in our experience, a car that has no codes stored in the computer, and runs great has coils, plugs, etc that are in good condition. We are surprised to hear that there was a label UNDER the cover, as professional technicians always place this information label on top of the cover or on the radiator support where it can be seen easily by other technicians. We are also surprised that the co-worker you were buying it from didn’t mention this and the missing fuses until after you discussed the results of our Used Car Evaluation with him. This would have been great information for us to have prior to our evaluation and subsequent discussion with you.
I do appreciate your bringing this to my attention. We are going to modify our process to include written information of what is included and what is found and increase the value of this process. My service Manager indicates he had a very good discussion with you before you left. If you need more information, please call Joey.

Bron's Automotive Inc commented on 08/15/2016