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Salons & Wet Spas: Parlour on the Avenue, Harrison Ohio, 20 min from Cincinnati. Parlour of Aurora, Rt 50 & Sunnyside, 5 min from Hollywood Casino.


beauty salons & hair care
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Harrison, OH

Parlour on the Avenue

Customer Service is less than desirable

They have a lot to learn in the area of customer service.


Through no fault of your own you were incorrectly charged. Our receptionist, without realizing it, accidently entered your payment wrong in our new software system and it double charged you. You called the next morning at 9am and was told I would be in at 1pm and would rectify the problem at that time. I did and your account was credited back the right amount by 2pm that same day.
I called you back, informed you of what the mistake had been, appoligized for the inconvience. You felt I should have handled your problem that morning, when you called. I appoligized again, and explained that I was not available until 1pm, as the receptionst related to you.
I have a very caring and compentent staff, but they are still human and occasionally mistakes are unintentionally made. I apploigized, my receptioist appologized, your hair dresser called and appologized, I sent you a note of appology along with a gift certificate for your next haircut. You have been coming in for a couple years and have always been happy with all your services and the manner in which you have been treated. I again appologize that I could not service you with the expediency you expect. Our goal is to make every client beautiful and happy, I again am sorry for any inconvience we may have caused you.

Parlour on the Avenue commented on 10/28/2011