Parlour on the Avenue

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Salons & Wet Spas: Parlour on the Avenue, Harrison Ohio, 20 min from Cincinnati. Parlour of Aurora, Rt 50 & Sunnyside, 5 min from Hollywood Casino.


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Cincinnati, OH

Parlour on the Avenue

Horrible, horrible, awful, gut wrenching experiance

I went to the salon looking to have some lighter highlights put in my hair for the summer. As I was getting my hair done all I could hear were the other hair dressers talking about each other and putting down their manager. This was not what I wanted to hear as I was sitting in the chair trying to relax from my hard day at work - but I guess that's what happens when you get childish, catty women working together - very unprofessional. The lady cutting my hair, Leah, was being supervised by her manager, Susan, and they were going back and forth on what treatment they should use - which made me feel not very confident in either one of them. But I figured they were the "professionals" and they knew what they were doing. Once my hair was completed Leah curled it up and sent me on my way. Well for starters. I don't curl my hair... EVER... not my style, so I went home washed my hair out and was MORTIFIED! My hair was not only a skunky, 90s goth, burnt orange color it was not even on the sides, and my once healthy thin hair was now damaged and breaking off. I reached out to the manager, Susan, on Monday and she asked me to come back in that evening. I did so and she argued with me stating that my hair was not damaged and it looked fine. But if I wanted it fixed I would have to come back in several weeks (if it wasn't damaged why wouldn't she be able to fix it that day?). Needless to say I had to find somewhere to fix my hair, I reached out to several hair professionals who were in AW (and not a good aw) of the work these ladies performed. One even asked if I had to pay for that. Susan refused to give me my money back or even a partial refund. I am so disgusted with this place. I feel like they need a sign that says "enter at your own risk" as you are walking in. Very unprofessional, and zero customer service.