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Salons & Wet Spas: Parlour on the Avenue, Harrison Ohio, 20 min from Cincinnati. Parlour of Aurora, Rt 50 & Sunnyside, 5 min from Hollywood Casino.


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Parlour on the Avenue


Thank you for your response to my 8/26/12 comment. There were several details left out in your response:
(Your #1) - I was not fully aware of the details of the "Models Program" until I had to come back the second time for my hair to be fixed. Trust me, had I known it would take 2 trips and 7 hours for a partial hilight, I would not have participated in this "great success" of a program. Furthermore, had I known that my stylist passed her boards only 2 days prior to my initial visit (no offense to her), or that I had to sign a waiver, I wouldn't have participated in this program either. Having said that, in general, I regret using someone other than my usuals (Heather or Monica if anyone is looking), who both do exceptional work.
In your response, you said "of course we would fix it." This was after you said you'd charge me for coming back and told me that I "was the first model to ever complain." I'm not sure how the $140 of services was calculated, but I'm sorry your business lost money due to me not knowing the fact that since I paid less, it was OK for my hair to look unacceptable. I spent $70 between both days: $50 in services, $20 in tips. I wish I could post a picture of how my hair looked after the first day to assure you that the quality wasn't even worth the "at cost" price that you mentioned.
(Your #3) - After being there from 5:30pm to 8:30pm for a partial hilight and no cut on the first night, no I could not stay any longer. Yes, you had me back Saturday morning and I thanked everyone for getting me back in so soon.
(Your #4) - No, I wasn't happy, but I certainly wasn't irate. Again, I tipped well for both days when most people would have left nothing. I NEVER cursed AT you... I used a curse word to describe what my hair looked like, big difference. The stylist knew the color was not right and was extremely sweet and apologetic that I had to come back in.
Again, my complaint was how I was made to feel for having to come back in per my phone conversation with you. Everyone but yourself was extremely kind and understanding of the situation. Thank you for apologizing for the "misunderstandings."


As I said before I am sorry you took offense, that was not my intention.

Parlour on the Avenue commented on 09/07/2012