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Salons & Wet Spas: Parlour on the Avenue, Harrison Ohio, 20 min from Cincinnati. Parlour of Aurora, Rt 50 & Sunnyside, 5 min from Hollywood Casino.


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Cincinnati, OH

Parlour on the Avenue

Won't be back!

I have been a customer for years and have never had a complaint until I recently dealt with the owner. I had an issue where I needed to come back due to my hair color not taking, resulting in a very brassy 1/2 of my head. My stylist and everyone else was very understanding of this, and apologized many times, as they saw that the color was not right. The owner however, later called me and before even asking what the problem was (I could have had blue hair for all she knew...) she started talking to me about what it costs them, etc. Very rude and unprofessional. I had to wear my brassy hair to work and a party the next day, and people were amazed that I was allowed to walk out of the salon like that. Again, the stylist was extremely happy to fix the problem 2 days later, but the owner tried to make me feel terrible for complaining and returning to fix my hair! Upon talking to others who have gone to the Parlour, I learned of two more people who have had problems with the owner's unprofessionalism and attitude. I have also heard a couple complaints from employees there. Very sad considering all of the stylists I've dealt with have been great!


I'm sorry you viewed me as "unprofessional" but there were a few details you left out:
1. You contacted us to partake in the "Models Program", this is where we allow anyone to get services at cost in exchange for allowing us to practice new colors and color lines, techniques and train new employees to our standards. We only ask the models to pay the COST of these services. We actually lose money on these services, but feel they are necessary to maintain quality control. We have great success with this program since its inception 4 years ago. This was our first snag, I was merely trying to explain this to you. This is why you got $140 worth of services for only $40. Pointing this out to you was not intended to make you feel bad or harp on money, but explain to you that this is a risk of being in the models program and that of course we would fix it.
2. The first thing I asked you was about your hair and what you were unhappy with. Remember, I thought you were talking about the highlights being brassy and you said you liked the hilights, they were not the problem.
3. The technicians tried to get you to stay that night and fix it to your satisfaction, but you would not stay. You wanted to come back Saturday morning so we made that happen.
4. Yes, I don't doubt you have found a few people unhappy with me, but if you look at the other reviews I think you will find about a 95 satisfaction rate. Everyone knows it is impossible to make all the people happy all the time. That is what I was trying to do when I called you. My girls said you were visibly angry and slammed the door, my attempts to calm you only made you madder and you were cursing at me.
5. Yes, I do have some very exceptional stylist working for me and we work hard to train and instill great customer relations. We really get excited when clients are happy, I'm glad you were happy with the end result. Sorry about any misunderstandings.

Parlour on the Avenue commented on 09/04/2012