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I made the terrible mistake of hiring Mr. Mover to assist with my and I would like to prevent anyone else from getting taken advantage of by this company. When the "movers" showed up they were dressed in worn out street clothes (no uniform of any kind), and weighed about 125 lbs. soaking wet. I was immediately concerned, but I had to be out of my apartment that day so I went ahead with the move. I showed them where they needed to park, and when they were backing up they hit a pipe and scraped the truck along the wall! When we got to the apartment they had already started the clock, but refused to start working until I gave them $120. I was planning on paying my whole bill with a credit card, but I felt uncomfortable giving these two men my credit card before we even started... not that it didn't feel equally as awkward to hand some man cash with no contract or uniform or anything representing the company who just did damage to The Paramount's loading dock. Nevertheless, I had to move so myself and my fiance (along with the two "movers") started loading up the truck. At this point I'm going to spare the details of how lazy and unprofessional the actual movers were, but it was beyond poor. When we got to my new apartment it was discovered that my 50" flat screen TV (that I had purchased four months ago) was smashed! Upon further inspection my 5'x 8' framed mirror was cracked, my dresser was ruined, and they damaged my leather couch. I was assured that the company would NOT screw me over and not worry ... they would personally see to it that my TV was replaced. I didn't want to pay my bill with all this damage that had occurred, but these guys insisted and how am I going to kick two men out of my house and explain all this to the police (plus they were still holding on to some of my belongs)? So I paid the $828 bill (on top of the $120 in cash ... all this for a 2/2 apartment move) and finally got to see a contract (AFTER THE MOVE!). I trusted the "movers" and decided to have faith in the process ... Over $2500 worth of damage and all they want to give me is $120. I can't even replace one of the items let alone all of them for that amount. This company is a bad in every way!!!! BEWARE!