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Indianapolis, IN

Morelli's Cleaners

Shrunk, Stretched, Ruined

As a startup, resources are short. We took our founder's polo shirts to Morellis Cleaners. He insisted on Morellis because they do suck a "fantastic job" on his suits.

The polo shirts have logos and signage printed on them. We requested--and made sure they confirmed--that they dry clean the polo shirts. Morellis determined that they "shouldn't dry clean the polo shirts because of the printing." Without contacting us, they laundered the polo shirts.

The polo shirts all shrunk to a teenager's size. They didn't tell us that they laundered them either. When we picked them up, we noticed they were not crisp like dry cleaned items. They were wrinkled and rough to the touch. They looked poor. They looked very poor.

The shirts were returned and the personnel informed us that they would dry clean them--since the ticket indicated dry clean and they went ahead and laundered them. Morellis opened a claim ticket and said "we see where they were laundered instead of dry cleaned--even though they have a dry clean ticket." "It is our fault."

They took the shirts back and instead of dry cleaning them, they stretched them in an attempt to restore them to their original size. What?

During the stretching process, they broke the printed information in many locations. We did not know any of this had been done until we picked up the polo shirts--after they called to inform us that they had been dry cleaned.

They had not been dry cleaned. We didn't get this critical piece of information until we spoke with Paris J., customer service manager. She said, "oh we decided not to dry clean them. We decided to stretch them." What? Really?

Paris J. was very nice and made sure she understood our issue. She did. She accepted responsibility. She said, "but I am just the go between between you and the owners."

She calculated the replacement costs. We told her we needed to coordinate with the company that created them. She assured us that their error would be corrected by replacing the polo shirts. She requested that we take the polo shirts back again and drop them off.

Now we have dropped the shirts off a total of three times. Did they replace them? No.

Now they said "we do not see where we broke the design." They forgot about the shrinking of the polo shirts, the fact that they laundered instead of dry cleaned, and to add insult to injury, they stretched them in an attempt to restore them to their original state.

We picked up the polo shirts. One is now missing. They do not know what happened to it. They charged us for dry cleaning and gave us laundry service. They wrecked our founder's new business shirts and now we have to replace them. Did we mention we are a startup company and our founder was a huge fan of Morellis?

Saga continues... .