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Amy's Review




Alameda, CA

Planet Orange

Sick kitties and Argentine ants

We have two problems: ants from South America and vomiting kitties. Our kitty buddies usually have garden time when we're home. On spray days, we keep them in until the sprayed surfaces are dry to the eye and my hands come up clear for spray residue, which is any where from a few/ several hours to an entire day. This is the third month in a row where our kitty buddies have become ill and vomited throughout the night. Over exposure?
Planet O was chosen eleven months ago, based on their "Child and Pet Safe" product label and customer reviews.
Up until 3 months ago and the first couple of months when we started with Planet O, everything was going as planned - the kitties had their garden and the ants were put in check; our review would have been 5 stars all around. Now, i am asking myself, "What's the happy medium? At what cost?"
We live on top of a gigantic ant hill. Argentine ants are persistent. Cats and dogs eat grass. Its a matter of the health and well being of our innocent pets.