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We are an environmentally friendly pest control, termite, and construction company. Our products are convenient and family and pet friendly.


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Santa Cruz, CA

Planet Orange

Great people, great service, great products

I'm pleased to find an alternative to traditional tenting for termite eradication. I feel much happier knowing that our home environment is safe structurally and free from harmful chemicals. I am waiting to see over the course of time, how effective the treatment will be. I do feel confident that it will be the best one we have used to date. We have tried numerous kinds, short of tenting to keep termites at bay, something we seem to have to do living in the Santa Cruz area. The inspectors James and Justin and the service providers Kenan and Ryan were thorough, friendly, informative and professional. The people Planet Orange has chosen as personnel is a vote of confidence. I have high hopes for the termite treatment to our home!