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We are an environmentally friendly pest control, termite, and construction company. Our products are convenient and family and pet friendly.


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Planet Orange

We couldn't be happier with a company/business. These people/company are top-notch and world class!

The people at PlanetOrange truly cared. I have always felt valued and respected. Their company is first about honoring each human being and our earth. This comes through in each and every conversation with them. Nathan Cocozza, co-owner, is the most considerate, kind, warm, fair and knowledgeable man you could have work for you and our earth.

PlanetOrange is about taking care of termite and pest problems on your property with products that are safe and protect our shared environment. Our newly acquired property needed to have termites exterminated to fulfill required Section 1 work. The prevalent use of fumigation by tenting your home and filling it with toxic Vikane gas was the only option we received. After hearing about this company from a friend close to our new property, I started to research them and the products they use. The main product they use is XT 2000 (Orange Oil). 92% of this product is made from by-products in the production of orange juice (specifically orange rinds). The more I read and learned, the more fascinated and encouraged I became. Horror stories abound about folks in the neighborhood losing the vegetation around their homes after the fumigation. Worse still, were the reports of illnesses for a while after toxic gassing. This led me to call and request an inspection. The fee for their inspection is waived if you go with their service. This is not true for most other pest inspection agencies.

The thoroughness of their inspection and report was amazing! Every detail was included. We received a complete verbal and written explanation of the work needed to be done and how it was to be executed.

Oh, but you should have been there when we walked into our safely treated home that evening. The lovely orange grove fragrance was delicious! The greatest testimonial came from my husband. He admitted wanting to tent the property and “just take care of it all in one toxic gas event. He is so happy that we decided to have PlanetOrange deal with our pest problem. He even said, I would have really regretted tenting our new place.

Put this all together with a strong desire to do what's right for the environment and you have the mix that has made me PASSIONATE about PlanetOrange.