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Shelly's School for Dogs has an innovative and comprehensive "whole dog" approach to training. We call it Control-Through-Kindness. As no two dogs are the same, no


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Shelly's School for Dogs

My dog is now terrified

Maybe this is my own fault, but I had to leave my 13week old puppy there for a few weeks. I thought this would be a better alternative to my regular dog sitter bc he would get obedience training. (I've heard Min Pins can be difficult)

I returned home 2weeks early from the original month I'd scheduled. Shelly's school was $@!#% bent on keeping my puppy regardless. They even said they might need to keep him longer bc he hadn't learned all of his training.

When i went to watch his demo, i was so impressed! He did magnificent! He still needed much practice with me though.

To cut to the chase, I found out my puppy wasn't being socialized at all while he was there. He started as an enthusiastic, friendly dog & now he is timid and sometimes snarly around other dogs. He will be bouncy & obnoxious one minute & at any moment can go to tail between his legs & sitting at full attention staring at me from across the room. He won't come, he won't be interested in play, treats, anything!

This makes me so upset bc my other little dog is happy as a $@!#% 24/7, loves everyone, and is eager to train and eat snacks and be loved on. Shelly's school for dogs has messed up my little guy. :( don't leave your dog there