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Shelly's School for Dogs has an innovative and comprehensive "whole dog" approach to training. We call it Control-Through-Kindness. As no two dogs are the same, no


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Pittsburgh, PA

Shelly's School for Dogs

You might as well Flush 3,000 down the toilet

This review is for the boarding/training package that Shelley so anxiously sold us. The moment I saw his face I didn't like him. He looks like he's up to something. $@!#% rat. But my significant other assured me that this was a good place and it would be money well spent. Even after talking to him I didn't like him, he was a bad salesman and I could tell he was full of $@!#%. He assured us our dog wouldn't jump anymore along with other misbehaviors. When we asked him specific questions regarding our dog he said "All good, everything will be fine, all good, we'll fix it, all good". If I could do it over again I would have. I was simply desperate to have my dog trained, BOY was I an idiot. He tells you to sign this 3 page 12 initial document that he calls "nonsense". If it's nonsense then why would I have to sign it $@!#%? Talk about covering your pathetic old $@!#%. If I had read these reviews before I brought my dog here I wouldn't have never ever in a million years EVER considered coming to this place. Sure it's a beautiful facility, with lots of nice people and good customer service. But that's the only thing keeping this place from not going under, oh and all the lies this $@!#% tries to sell you. The training is $@!#%. You might as well keep your dog for an extra two weeks because it doesn't get trained within that time. I came back over 10 days later to visit my dog and he/she still had the same problems he/she originally had. NOTHING CHANGED. He/She was still pulling herself/himself on his/her choke leash, jumping up, and gnawing on our hands. Apparently those two weeks are the "acclimation period". Where the dog needs to get settled in it's environment and gets to know it's trainer. LOL what a joke. More like they have other dogs to train and can't start your dogs training until they finish the others. Oh and the best part was he/she got sick despite having all of his/her shots. Real clean facility Shelley, especially with all those oxygen tanks and clean floors/pens and all the other $@!#% you sold us. This guy is a $@!#% $@!#%. And by the way, he doesn't have the humble looking beard and mustache you see on his website. He has a clean shaven face that screams, "Hey look at me! I'm a sneaky rat $@!#%!" I realize I'm talking out of anger, but honestly if I had calmed down, this review would be the same minus the language. DO NOT bring your dog to this place to get trained.