Collegiate Sealers Inc.

Business Description:

We have been sealing driveways since 1985 -- 21 consecutive years of commitment to customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed and bonded. Collegiate Sealers has bu


remodeling & major home repairs


1 Stars

Monroe Township, NJ


Will not Recommend

Office staff lied to me. I was a Collegiate Sealer Company customer in Virginia for 15 years and was extremely happy with the service I received there. They were professional. One year it rained at night after the driveway was sealed. I called and they came... Read More

5 Stars

Princeton Junction, NJ


Easy to use, Great Quality & Service

Have been a customer for over 15 years. All you have to do is call and make the appointment. No need to be there, no need to pre-clean the driveway. They do it all. Once I had a little problem of a crack that came back after the service, I called, they came by the... Read More

5 Stars

Princeton Junction , NJ


Highly recommend.

They did my driveway last year. Had a minor problem and asked them to correct. They were great,. All done professionally. I intend to use them always. Highly recommend. Read More

4 Stars

Paramsu, NJ


Repair and Protect Your Driveway

When my asphalt driveway began to look gray, discolored, and cracked, I knew I needed to fix the problem. Collegiate Sealers came to my house, filled in all of the cracks in my driveway, and put a layer of sealant down on top of the whole thing. They were very... Read More