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5 Stars

Newark, NJ


Gets it done

My building managemnt finally switched exterminators and we now have atoz pest. We've had bed bugs for over three months and it was HORRIBLE. Two weeks ago my unit was treated and then again two night ago and we are FINALLY sleeping again at night. Omg thank god! Read More

1 Stars

Newark, NJ


Very bad exterminator! Not professional!

My landlord use this company to exterminate are building every month but bed bugs continue. We advised my management and does not want to hear because lot of money paid to exterminate bed bugs. Now my neighbor have bed bugs and his neighbor has bed bugs the whole... Read More

5 Stars

Paramsu, NJ


Your Home is for You - Not for Pests

A termite problem can be a major problem for any homeowner. A to Z Termite & Pest Control came right out to my home when I reported that I had a termite problem and fixed the problem very quickly. They not only removed all of the termites from my house but also... Read More