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Autobahn Car Audio offers a full range of mobile electronics services in New Jersey. From Remote car starters & vehicle security equipment to complete car audio vide


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Autobahn Car Audio

Warning: Front Side Window tinting in NJ is ILLEGAL!!

After purchasing a new car, I decided to have the windows tinted like I saw on many other cars. After researching the best deals and services, I chose Autobahn Car Audio. They did an excellent job with the tinting, and the price was decent, however they DID NOT tell me that the front side windows were ILLEGAL in NJ. Had I been told that, I would not have had them done also. As a result I was stopped by the police and given a ticket. When I went back to Autobahn to have the front side window tints removed, they charged me a fee when I felt that they should have (1) told me and then let me decide if i wanted it on there anyway or, (2) Removed them free of charge because they KNEW it was illegal when they put them on. In fact one of the workers verifed the tints are illegal but said people want them anyway. I wish Autobahn would have told me the truth and allowed me to make my decision instead of putting them on to get more money and then charging me to remove them. This is not good professional business.


tinting the two front doors in NJ is absolutely against the law ( . How ever customers request to tint them (reasons vary) and we always do tell them about the NJ law. If you didn't catch that for some reason I apologize.
The mark up on tinting just the rear half of the car vs. the rear half & the two fronts is the same so it has nothing to do with making more money. Reza

Autobahn Car Audio commented on 04/21/2014