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ALLGEIER Air Provides Service Repair Design and Installation of High Efficiency HVAC systems. They are also the leading geothermal company in the Louisville area.


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Louisville, KY

Allgeier Air

beware do not install a heat pump with Allgeier

I wish someone had warned me not to have Allgeier install our heat pump. Their work was sloppy, didn't meet codes, didn't heat the house, and created dangers where someone could be injured or killed.

The supervisor asked us to pay before we had looked at it. I refused then went to look at the house. They had trashed the place. They left jagged holes in the drywall. Holes open to the outside. Broken stair. Wires dangling. Ducts unattached. Frayed insulation on the pipes. Not to mention no heat in the house, only in the furnace closet. There was no reason for any of this. It was utterly insane!

I mended the stair (where the installer had been banging for no purpose), before someone fell and broke their neck. Even after two men worked hours trying to repair the wreckage, ducts were bent, frayed insulation looked even worse wrapped in electrical tape rather than replaced. The supervisor still didn't check everything registers still didn't open all the way, the house still didn't heat properly, and there was a huge unprotected wire set just behind the drywall, so if someone hung a picture they'd be electrocuted. Criminally insane!

There was more, but nobody would want to listen, and I want to forget it ever happened ... but I won' t ever be able to forget ... because my house is worse off than it was before they came ... it looks like wild vandals got hold of it. We are out over $10000 for the most efficient most expensive heat pump, which will never heat efficiently if at all. Our oil heaters heated better.

Our one baseboard heater heats the house more uniformly than the $10000 heat pump. And warmer still is the uninsulated south facing front porch ... on sunny winter days.