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ALLGEIER Air Provides Service Repair Design and Installation of High Efficiency HVAC systems. They are also the leading geothermal company in the Louisville area.


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Louisville, KY

Allgeier Air

Where is my warranty information and service manuals?

Initially, I was not happy with a salesman showing up to give me a quote for the installation of a new HVAC system for a rental property/condo. I just do not care for the salesman's pitch and promises/some that did not happen. Regardless, still hired Allgeier, based on a recommendation of a highly respected friend. I was very happy with Matt, the thought he put into what should be done, and the installation (May 2020). Hard for me to gauge how well the new system is working since I rent the condo to a man of few words, that rarely tells me when there is an issue. My main complaint is I never get ANY booklets on the system installed or the warranty information. I have called David Shipley/sales several times. Talked to Chris (June 2020) who said they were behind on getting that info out. He said they were working on it, and I would have it soon. Then I talked to (I think, her name was) Jennifer (July2020) who said she had the warranty information, on her desk and would mail it to me. She suggested I could down load the service manuals off the internet. I told her I paid $12000 for this system and did not think I should have to download the manuals. I have own several properties over the years and the warranty and manuals have always been supplied with the many many HVAC systems I have had installed. As of today Aug 13th, I have not received the information I requested from Allgeier. Maybe I should not of paid the $ balance owed so quickly.