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ALLGEIER Air Provides Service Repair Design and Installation of High Efficiency HVAC systems. They are also the leading geothermal company in the Louisville area.


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Louisville, KY

Allgeier Air

Big Job--Well Done

I have a large historic home that posed ~6000 square ft. of complicated heating & cooling challenges—including the need to replace full HVAC systems on both living floors, assess and install efficient new ducting in difficult to access crawl spaces and attics, relocate a large rooftop AC unit to ground level, and optimize throughout for humidity control.

Not only was the team at Allegeir Air up to the job, but they attacked the challenge with a degree of resourcefulness and excellence that’s rare these days.

Louisville boasts numerous quality HVAC specialty firms. However, knowing that Allegeir, in addition to their residential work, was also a sought after commercial contractor, skilled at installing large systems that have to be helicoptered in, gave me an initial level of confidence in choosing them for my home.

It was the right choice. Starting with Rick the owner, who spent a Saturday morning with me assessing the property against my goals, the entire crew brought a high level of service, focus, and good cheer to the project. Matt, their lead assessor and manager, is personable, professional and reliably responsive—a joy to work with. Bob, their long-experienced installations lead, has a wealth of knowledge, skill, and creativity (hearing me ruminate aloud one evening about wanting to cover a section of exposed line set on an outside wall, he showed up the next morning with a custom-fabricated piece of flashing to button up the job). Brian worked wonders configuring sheet metal onsite, and the even the youngest members of the crew, some just starting out and learning the trade, were cut from the same service-minded, problem-solving mold. Rob, as an example, thought and worked his way around several tight corners—both literally and figuratively.

Everyone, in a nutshell, brought integrity and a strong work ethic to the job. That, combined with Allgeier’s skill and service guarantees, makes them the firm in town to beat. I highly recommend them.