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ALLGEIER Air Provides Service Repair Design and Installation of High Efficiency HVAC systems. They are also the leading geothermal company in the Louisville area.


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Louisville, KY

Allgeier Air

Great quality when here, but no service agreement follow through.

The quality of the inspection and cleaning was great, but after signing the agreement for a 1 year warranty and 2 cleanings, haven't heard from them since. I did remember to request my summer cleaning and now that I've received this e-mail, I'm making it a point to schedule my winter cleaning. This industry (including landscaping) doesn't seem to get the importance of understanding customer wants. A simple phone call at the beginning of the seasons (for cleaning) would have ensured me as a repeat customer, not just a reluctant one waiting for a better deal.



First,we would like to thank you for being a great client. Allgeier Air believes in personally attempting to call each and everyone one of our "Silver Club Member" clients to schedule their annual clean and checks. Although it does clearly state on our service agreement paperwork "Please call our service department to schedule your tune-ups in the spring and fall". We feel the responsibility should not rest solely on the client our business. Like all working relationships there is always room for better communication and growth. We are thrilled that after speaking with our service director you decided to stay with our company and give us the opportunity to make you and your family more comfortable.

Allgeier Air commented on 01/11/2010