OnTrack Staffing

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Employment agency


employment services


5 Stars

Oklahoma City, OK


Got me placed on a great job

OnTrack called me from my resume on Careerbuilders. They followed up with a email about the job they had and if I would be interested. I scheduled time to meet with a recruiter to fill out paperwork. She then gave me directions to job location for a quick tour and... Read More

1 Stars

Oklahoma City, OK


Extremely UNProfessional Agency

Do NOT bother with this agency! The woman working there with potential clients, is so pretentious and so very unprofessional. The woman there expects a person to just run from their existing job to do as she commands or else , hit the road! This Agency may want to... Read More

1 Stars

Oklahoma City, OK


This place is a joke

I went up there to go work for climatemasters and they told me I needed 3 years of experience in the field then come to find out you don't need experience to work for them instead they don't want to help u find a job they love to waist there time. Read More

2 Stars

Yukon, OK


Looking Forward to the Improvement, Not the Employment

Job hunting in bad economy may be stressful. Going to different staffing agencies may not make it easier. Most of the employment agencies conduct meaningful interviews, however, this agency is the contrary. After filling out the application, the staff has not... Read More