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We are proud to have served the people of Burbank for over 28 years!


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Burbank, CA

Chuck Mercier Union 76 Auto Service

Valuable, dependable service.

Over the last 13 years, Chuck Mercier's 76 has done a variety of maintenance and repair work for me. Chuck is a good man to deal with and his team of people are very good as well: polite, honest, and helpful.

All of the work that they have done for me, on 4 different cars, has been very satisfactory and timely. Gary, the head mechanic, is excellent. They never want to do unnecessary repairs and, in fact, they will avoid that.

If your car needs bodywork and they cannot do it, they will give you a good reference of someone who can. Also, they are always valuable in terms of giving advice on what to do with older cars, once the car has reached a certain age. They make good recommendations.

I do not know a lot about cars, so one of the nice things about taking my car to get serviced at Chuck Mercier's 76 is that I can depend on them to look over the car, troubleshoot it, and let me know if anything else needs to be taken care of. That is always reassuring.

Bob Belshay