Tramcar Transmission Specialists

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Tramcar Transmission is independently owned and operated, we are not a franchise like Aamco transmission.


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Chicago, IL

Tramcar Transmission Specialists

Changed name from Tramcar to Tramco to hide from complaints and law suits

WARNING!!!... Not accredited with BBB They changed name from Tramco to avoid to hide from previous complaints. Google Appellate Court Tramco vs Mobley

Tramcar hiding behind another company as a shield, they promised to rebuild a transmission for no more than 1,200... Tramcar picked up my daughters vehicle from Aurora, IL on a Friday night, and then refused to returned it on a Saturday morning when I discovered they were located in Chicago over and hour away. Tramcar refuse to communicate with me until 2-weeks thereafter when they sent me a estimate for over 4,800, on a car worth only 6,800.

After 5 months they ask me to come and pickup the vehicle and only after I got it home, it was discovered that Tramcar kept the transmission. Which was a transmission that qualified for Cash-for-Clunkers cash in rebate of $4,500. This ultimately lead into a 9-year battle between my daughter, I and Tramcar in court.

This company is BAD NEWS!!! Do not venture into a relationship with this establishment who hides behind others companies to solicited business, then attempts to increase prices, and hold your vehicle hostage until you pay for their criminal activity= SCAM!