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Tramcar Transmission is independently owned and operated, we are not a franchise like Aamco transmission.


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Chicago, IL

Tramcar Transmission Specialists

Transmission for 2006 Impala

Long story short, do not go to Aamco, they will charge you an arm and a leg.

Saturday, during Thanksgiving weekend, almost home when I noticed I could not accelerate the engine, I was only able to drive the car on the 1st shift, luckily I did not get into an accident. My mom and I made calls to transmission shops in Chicago, and came across Tramcar, told to come in on Monday morning to drop off the car. But that was after I went to Aamco, after getting a price of $3000 to get my transmission repaired.

Cary Hajduk, Owner, wanted me to come in on Friday or Saturday so he can show me the transmission after taking it apart, and it needed major repairs, plus the engine mount was falling apart, it was hanging on one bolt. All together it was $800 less than Aamco's price, and they did an awesome job, the car runs a lot better now, like a new car, plus I have a 3 year or 50,000 mile warranty on it as well.

Even though my mom helped me pay for the repair, it was not easy coming up with money during the holiday season, but it was worth it, because I need a car to go to work, public transportation in Chicago is not all that great.

I wanted to thank the owner Cary and his employees for helping me out with my car, now I can pop wheelies on the expressway!!!

You all have a great day!