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Tramcar Transmission is independently owned and operated, we are not a franchise like Aamco transmission.


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Chicago, IL

Tramcar Transmission Specialists

I had a great experience with Tramcar. Impressed with their honesty and professionalism.

My wife brought her Acura MDX to the McGrath Acura dealer on Elston Ave to have a bank one catalytic converter replaced as this is what the reading from the check engine light advised. While they did that they managed to come up with another $8,000 work of work they said needed to be done. Among the 'urgent' repairs they advised was a new transmission which was going to cost $4500. Thankfully I decided to get a second opinion. I called Tramcar and Cary, the owner, answered the phone at 7pm on a week night. He spoke to me at length concerning the MDX and the symptoms I described. He told me they had diagnostic equipment that could tell if there was an issue with the transmission without opening it up. He also said they would be no charge for the diagnosis and he would give me a list of repairs necessary and their cost after performing the diagnosis. If no repairs were necessary there would be no charge. I brought the car there at 8am the next morning. He called me back at about 10.30am to say the transmission was fine but another one of the catalytic converters was blocked. He was able to replace the second converter for $200 and I had him do a transmission flush for $140. He said he could not understand how the mechanic who replaced the first converter did not observe the blockage in the one after it? The MDX is now back driving as it should and I will always appreciate Tramcar's integrity and workmanship. The dealer, if not for Tramcar's honesty and superior mechanical skills, would have invoiced me for $8,000 worth of work and not fixed the problem.


Glad to be of help!!

Tramcar Transmission Specialists commented on 03/04/2013