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Tramcar Transmission is independently owned and operated, we are not a franchise like Aamco transmission.


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Lisle, IL

Tramcar Transmission Specialists

gave them car with good engine, bad trans,returned 2 car w good trans bad engine

Owner over phone convinced me to have them pick up my car from aamco saying they would be "20 -40" cheaper. ended up $15 less. I had 2 pay $80 for 1st tow so actually lost $65 there. Then when i picked up car it had 3 codes on engine and they told me it had nothing to do with them, IT HAD ZERO CODES WHEN THEY PICKED IT UP AND OWNER HAD EVEN CALLED ME AND TOLD ME THAT HISSELF, THEN ACTED LIKE HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT AT ALL! NO EXPLANATION OF WHY IT NOW HAS CODES, BASICALLY SAID NOT THEIR PROBLEM,MINE. THEY TOOK EVERY PENNY I HAD AND NOW I HAVE A CAR WITH ENGINE TROUBLE. I don't know if they switched the sensors for bad ones, or the whole engine, or "farmed" out the work,{they kept car 3 days}but i know they were given a 2005 with a good engine and bad trans and they returned a car with a bad engine and rebuilt trans!


Dear Marie,
I just found out about your review and I immediately called your home and left you a message to call me.
I am very sorry that you felt our service did not meet your expectations. I can not speak on behalf of Aamco's pricing structure, but I do know many shops can throw a lot of prices without ever internally inspecting the transmission, and I can certainly comment on ours. We gave you a complete itemized bill when you picked up your vehicle. If there was item, part or portion of the labor that you felt was priced too high, by all means please point it out to me. This is why we itemized our bill; you can see exactly how we arrived at our price.
Unfortunately, your transmission did have extreme damage which is clearly identified on your bill; specifically, the entire planetary assembly and torque converter were replaced. Had these parts been good you would have saved over $260.00.
When we road tested the vehicle after rebuilding the transmission the check engine light did not come on. After we started the car to bring it around to the front of the shop the check engine light came on. We immediately scanned the computer on the vehicle and revealed that the diagnostic trouble codes were for an EGR flow out of range, a system too lean bank 1 and a system check incomplete. These codes are associated with engine related problems and not the transmission.
I believe that these codes were not present prior to fixing the transmission, but that doesnt mean that these codes were set as a result of working on the transmission. I can also assure you that we did not replace your engine, replace any engine related sensors are farm out your vehicle during the three days it was here. Sometimes we may be caught in the middle of an engine problem that was going to surface at this time whether we had the car or you had the car.
That being said, we want your experience with Tramcar Transmission to be a positive one and I would like to offer you a free check out at our expense.
We will take the vehicle to a general repair shop to find out why the codes are on and if they diagnose that this was caused by us fixing the transmission we will pay for them to correct the problem. If you would prefer to take the vehicle to a shop you deal with, please have them call us with their diagnosis.
Please let me know if there is anything else that we could do to help you.
Cary Hajduk

Tramcar Transmission Specialists commented on 02/27/2012