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We are a moving company that provides High Quality, Fast, Efficient, Careful, Licensed, Insured moving of your home, office or apartment at very competitive rates!


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Worst Moving Company Ever

Where do I start.... A friend of mine was moving her family from Houston to a base near San Antonio. Had an appointment scheduled for Friday from "1 - 4", when no one showed up, she called around 2:30 to find out why. She was told there was an "oversight" and they weren't on the schedule. They wouldn't help her. At a loss for what to do, I took to social media and posted a review on their Facebook page. They initially told me to contact the office manager. I told them who they needed to contact and to make the situation right. The next thing I know, The person running the page is calling my friend a liar saying she has her on recording canceling her appointment because she got a better price, etc. The page moderator continues to argue with my friend, even though she is asking for them to provide this audio of the cancellation. Several attempts were made over the course of a few hours to reach the manager "Rey" A few hours later they send 2 boys that couldn't have been more than 16 years old over. It's now almost 7. The boys stood around most of the time, obviously had no idea what they were doing. In the course of an hour they only moved 1 couch and 5 boxes. My friend's husband at this point tells them to leave, as they charge by the hour. They refused to leave the storage facility until payment was made, at which point the manager was suddenly available and calls screaming and cursing at my friend's husband, saying his movers provided service. Another call is received, stating they were the manager and had no knowledge of what was going on and they would take care of the situation. The friends go home to continue packing and loading themselves. The next thing they know the sheriff's office shows up because they were called for a "theft of services". When the officers were explained the situation, they told the company to Get Over It and left. Meanwhile, my friend, her disabled veteran husband and their children are struggling to get everything moved themselves over night since they have to be out for the new tenants to be in tomorrow.