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We are a moving company that provides High Quality, Fast, Efficient, Careful, Licensed, Insured moving of your home, office or apartment at very competitive rates!


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Student Movers

Pay for what you get. Will never recommend.

Absolutely worst moving company, and people, I have ever come in contact with. I think the only thing they can do is make words form out of their mouth. Unprofessional, broken promises, disrespectful. Basically, if you want a company that will treat you like a customer and a human..then STEER CLEAR! They never came out to do a pre-assessment, so when they couldn't fit everything into their truck, they acted like, "oh well..." I called the supervisor and they said they would do a second trip even though it would be late. The movers didn't like that. It took talking to them and their supervisor to tell them they would do the second trip. Then as they are unloading my stuff, another guy comes and says they aren't doing it. And I can understand that, they are tired. However I had to be out of my old home at noon the next day. They kept saying, the best we can do is noon the next day. I can put your name in the morning and maybe have someone come out there...but I can't guarantee it. maybe?? I am your customer, and you need to complete the job that you said you would finish. I was alone without my husband, and twin infants on top of that. The supervisor broke his promise of the second load and then wouldn't go back first thing in the turn to be moved was on their schedule. They didn't come prepared and they didn't do an assessment. That's not my fault. I didn't make any bones about what they were moving. I have never seen such a lack in work ethic in my life. I actually lost it on one of the workers because he was extremely rude and scarcastic. He kept talking over me and interrupting me. When I finally said, "I need you to hear me," in the most smart-Alec tone possible he responds with "ok, I'm hearing you I'm listening," and he continues to say that as I'm talking. If you want a company that does the bare minimum, they are that..if you want a company that's going to do their job well and treat their customers well..then stay away. This company deserves 0 stars, and I tried to complain to the BBB, but they aren't even apart of it. Now I know why.