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I've used Elkhound Ranch in the past and they were wonderful. The owner was responsive, the place was clean, my dog looked forward to visiting. Two years later I bring my 10 month old Great Dane puppy for a two night stay. I could tell immediately it was new owners/management. The place was chaotic, the staff was indifferent. I gave written and verbal instructions for my dog who needed antibiotic twice a day (it also said that on the bottle) and he had specific food instructions (great dane's are picky eaters). When I got him back he was emaciated, dehydrated, and the amount of pills left was not right. They only gave him the antibiotics once a day. To be that apathetic towards a puppy's health when you're in the business of caring for animals is abhorrent. He also smelled of urine and feces but was supposed to have had access to an outside area 24/7. These people do not care about your pet, nor your business, apparently. I've tried getting answers from them but they don't answer their phones or return calls.


Hi Lindsay,

It is unfortunate to hear such a negative review, especially since you left the review prior to even speaking with us and you have boarded with us several other times with zero complaints or issues. You did leave a message and your call was returned within 24hrs.

Hugo did well during his entire 48 hour stay with us. Although he did not have a good appetite he certainly was not starved by any means. As with all of our guests the food is left with them, in their quarters, the entire day. It is not taken away from them. This gives them the opportunity to eat whenever they choose. It is not uncommon for some of our guests to go short periods without eating, especially if it is their first time boarding. He is a young Dane puppy and he came in very lean and lanky, which is not out of the ordinary for the breed. Common Sense would tell anyone that we did not emaciate you’re dog in a two day period.

We have been under the same ownership for the past 8 years and this has not changed. We even have some of the same staff that we have had over the last several years so nothing has really changed between this stay and your last.

As far as the medication goes, our staff is required to document each time medication is given to a dog. There are very specific instructions on every pet’s intake card. Our online portal even gives you, as the owner access to your dog’s feeding and medication detail and you can input specific instructions on these items. All specific medication instructions for your dog were followed and initialed by each of the administering staff member. Your complaint was also thoroughly addressed with our staff in order to maintain the quality of care that we always provide for our guests.

Hugo stayed in an indoor/outdoor run which is exactly what you requested and reserved for him. He was a bit afraid of the doggy door so it was completely propped open for him to allow him to go in and out at his leisure, which he did. He was also given yard-times throughout the day, as all of guests receive. Our kennels are sanitizer twice daily so that our guests have a heathy and clean environment. Some dogs are a bit messier in a kennel environment then they are at home. During the overnight period, dogs may utilize the outdoor areas of their runs to relieve themselves but sometimes they might step in it prior to us getting to the morning cleaning.

We are always happy to address any questions, complaints or concerns with our clients. We are fellow dog lovers and truly value each and every dog that is in our care. We kindly asked what you would like us to do to make the situation better for you and Hugo. You refused to give an answer pertaining to exactly what you wanted and then continued to accuse us of neglect, malnutrition/starvation and making other threats and accusations. The conversation did not get anywhere so rather than go back and forth with banter we decided to end the conversation.

We are sorry this did not come to a mutual understanding and agreement but it is rather difficult to know how to please a client who is unable to communicate their specific need and would rather continue to lash out.

The Ranch Team

Elkhound Ranch Kennels commented on 07/13/2021