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I looked up Elkhound and was very impressed by the pictures I saw and some of the reviews. I did see one that stuck in my mind and assumed maybe it was just the person, unintentionally not paying attention to dates/timelines of the reviews. I went ahead and booked with them. Well our puppy has not had much experience with other dogs, he's only 6 months and we've just started socializing him with other canine's. I wanted to make double sure we wouldn't have any problems regarding his health. When I made our reservation I asked if we could walk the facility and was assured it would be no problem. So we go to drop him off, he has a brand new bag of food and a couple of rawhide bones it is also explained to the woman that checked us in that he has very little socialization with other animals as well as that he has not eaten dinner due to my husband and I having to work and then swing by grab our puppy and go drop him off. She reassured me that she would make sure he got dinner....I couldn't sleep all night because we were also told that he would be shown how to use a doggie door and on the website it states the dogs are given a mat to sleep on at night, but before we left I remember being told that he would be given a blanket to sleep on. He's 6 months old...which means he still chews on things I really didn't feel "easy" about the place. I decided to pick him up the next morning - the very nice woman at the desk was the same one who reassured me that he would eat his dinner and be shown a doggy door as well as let us walk the facility (this didn't happen either). She handed me an UNOPEN bag of food, which means he hadn't eaten the night before like I was told he would and was told he had not had his breakfast yet...this is almost 9:30 a.m., he was dropped off at around 5:00 p.m. the day before. Neither of his rawhides were given back, which means he either ate both of them because he had no food or at least one of them was kept. I just paid and left. I got him home and he had to use the bathroom, he peed outside for almost 2 minutes straight which means he was not shown a doggie door and had diarrhea for almost 2 days that was the same color as his rawhides...You can totally and be completely be reassured I will not take him there again. Please take down the photos of this wonderful looking place an post the correct ones, also do not advertise that the dogs will be given a mat to sleep on when they'll be given a blanket "IF THAT TRULY HAPPENED". And please be upfront if you're really not going to do what you're stating to make people feel at ease, actions speak louder than words.



We are sorry to hear of such disappointment from you when none of this was expressed upon check out. You talked with our staff for several minutes at both drop off and check out, neither time did you express any concerns to us other then you didn’t want to be without your baby. At check out you actually willingly told us over and over again that you were picking Kratos up because you didn’t want to be with out him and it was nothing we had done. You also spoke to other customers in our lobby during check out and told them the exact same thing. The customers you spoke with have been coming to us for years and they gave you their honest feed back of how they enjoy utilizing our services.

We do apologize for him not being fed dinner. He was dropped off close to closing time and after our regular feeding routine. We also thought that you mentioned that he had ate already that evening. When you picked up at open the next morning our staff had not been around to feed breakfast yet so he in fact had not been fed breakfast yet. To say we do not feed our dogs is ludicrous, we take pride in our kennel and we all love what we do. The animals welfare is our top priority.

We happily showed you where Kratos would be staying while with us. Had you asked to see anymore of the facility we would have gladly showed more. We let you know that we work with the dogs to properly utilize the doggy door. He was taken out for a potty break prior to us closing for the day but then was pinned inside over night as we had not had the chance to show him the door and it being so cold we did not want him to get stuck outside overnight. When it’s so cold outside we do not prop the doggy doors open over night to prevent cold air from coming inside.

We did try to reach out to you via phone upon seeing this review but have yet to receive a response back. Had you brought any of this to our attention while here we would have gladly spent the time to explain everything to you.

Sincerely, Elkhound Ranch Team

Elkhound Ranch Kennels commented on 01/11/2019