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Elkhound Ranch Kennels

My dog receives excellent care, and he comes back happy.

I've used the Elkhound Ranch Kennels several times before Adam purchased it.
Since he's taken over, you can tell the staff like doing what they do, and that makes all the difference in the world. With the previous owners, that might have also been the case, but you could tell that it wasn't like that anymore. Before I had some mixed experiences, some fairly good, and some not so good. My last time with them was a terrible experience. My dog came back injured, and the owner said he as like that when he came in, which he wasn't. It was obvious that they had just hosed him down inside the kennel. My dog used to hate the previous operators, and he would always fight because he didn't want to go there.

Since Adam's taken over, my dog runs to them. He's never been like that! He's a guard dog and he's very stand-offish unless I tell them that they're alright. My dog loves it there and receives excellent care. It's obvious because he comes back happy. That's what people are looking for. With most people, their animals are their children. I've got three dogs and we're very selective with who handles our animals. Elkhound Ranch does an excellent job.

- Tom Fowler