Delmar Dog Butler Poop Scooping

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Residential and Commercial Dog Waste Removal


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Albany, NY

Delmar Dog Butler Poop Scooping

When you really don't have the time to pick your pet's presents, he will take care of that for you

Delmar Dog Butler is not only a unique business idea, picking up dog poop, but actually does a really good job at it.

One of the biggest factors from dog waste is picking it up and making sure it does not damage your lawn. Unfortunately this is the daily duties we entitle ourselves with when we get our lovely pet. However a majority of us don’t have the time, or even patience to take care of our pet’s waste removal. I definitely don’t have the time because I work a full time job and a part time job. So I play with my dog and my neighbor lets him out a few time throughout the day so he gets his exercise but I can’t exactly just clean up after her. And she goes a few times a day so there are presents scattered in my backyard and sometimes my front yard.

I called Steve, he is the Dog Butler, and he gave me a free quote for weekly pick up which I have to admit $75 a week was not exactly the most price conscious but he was pleasant and he was raved by a few people I know so I decided to go with him.

I have to admit that my yard is a little more well taken cared of without Roxie’s presents just sitting there for weeks on end. He even took care of my tomato garden a little bit so I have to admit this guy gives great service.