The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

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Roof repair and replacement, includes photos of recent work and clarification details of roof and window jobs.


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Virginia Beach, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

No Follow Up

Called and scheduled an appointment. The individual showed up as scheduled.

The work being requested consisted of two parts: 1) Modification to the existing roof structure 2) The installation of a new metal roof approximately 2,800 square feet. (about a $35K to $40K metal roof)

I told the person that I had a contractor lined up to do the roof structure changes.

The person from The Roofing Company stated that they would be interested in completing both parts. I provided drawings of the roof dimensions and the required roof modifications.

The person stated they would be back in touch with me in a couple of weeks with different options for the metal roof. Nothing.

I waited longer and still nothing. I sent an email asking if they were interested in the work and if not just let me know. Nothing.

I read all the good things posted about the company. Consequently, I was focused on trying to use them. I lost a month waiting on them.

What disappointed me the most was the lack of response when I asked if they were even interested in the work. To me, their lack of response articulates their level of professionalism.