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Roof repair and replacement, includes photos of recent work and clarification details of roof and window jobs.


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Newport News, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

Shady company

I had my roof, skylights, gutters and a window leak problem done by this company.

Skylights: company bought skylights too small and built a wood case to make it fit. They left it plain wood and did not frame it nor paint it. Their response was that it was not written in the contract and that it would cost extra to paint it. The contract stated to replace skylights. At no point did I think I had to tell them my definition of replace was to look the same or better.
Window leak- still working with them to fix it....ongoing for 2 years! They sold us not true Pella windows, blame the leak on the siding when we paid them thousands of dollars to take off the siding replace the wood and fix the leak....
Gutters: supposed to be leafless and work great...found out months later that the gutter was not put together correctly and was clogged with leaves, which also led to a different window to start leaking with the water flow.
Roof: the flashing was not done properly, management said it was the roofers and that they had fired them, but it would cost us more money to get it fixed.

The company is very hard to get someone to respond to phone calls and emails. We are still waiting on them to call us back from the last window leak. Also, the company does not try to make things right, their answer is to write up another contract and have us pay more. I do not recommend this company for anyone, they are professional until you sign a contract and then they will find any loop hole to get more money or not fix something they did.