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Roof repair and replacement, includes photos of recent work and clarification details of roof and window jobs.


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Chesapeake, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With

My house was damaged during a roof installation. I was promised work would not start if it was raining. When I got home from work and walked in the door water was pouring in my upstairs and downstairs because they tore my roof off and left when it started raining hard and failed to tarp it. The damage was not repaired to my satisfaction. I told the foreman I wanted a discount from the day it happened and he signed a paper saying we would discuss the discount at the end when the owner came out. When the owner came he refused to discuss a discount. I asked him to leave and a week later they have come after me with their attorney. I owe a small amount of the total bill, but they have added almost $700 because they gave it to their attorney. Please don't use this company. They continually lied to me and baited me along so I would keep paying until I got to the last payment.. The do not care the my house is damaged. They said if I wanted to pull the sheet rock down and I could prove their was damage they would fix it. My bathroom floor bubble up from all the water and they said the same thing...if I could find a contractor who said it was from the water they would pay...otherwise I would have to pay. I have lots of photos of the damage done. Do not trust this company.


Dear Debby:
We are very apologetic and concerned you feel unsatisfied with your experience. Wavy 10 On Your Side has already reviewed your complaint about the same job and found us to be without fault and in complete compliance.
We offered you 100 Customer Satisfaction which included hiring another painter/drywall tech. You refused. You refused many requests for us to correct issues. We strive for 100 customer satisfaction and while I realize that might not always happen; we made every effort to achieve that without success. It doesnt make me any less apologetic.
We have everything documented with photos and GPS on all vehicles. We can justify that we have done all that is humanely possible.
The Roofing and Remodeling Company

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company commented on 11/01/2013