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Roof repair and replacement, includes photos of recent work and clarification details of roof and window jobs.


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Hampton, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

Felt Ignorged

Every time I called the office it would be transferred to the extension I wanted, then it would go to voicemail everytime. When I went into the office to pick up my overpayment check, the lady in the office said " Hi, nice to meet you we have spoke several times." The truth of the matter is I left several messages, but we actually only spoke once. At the end of the conversation she said she would speak with the accountant and get back to me. I never heard from her again. Two weeks later I called left a message, Mel did return my call to let me know when they would have a check ready.

As well as these surveys have been addressed to Kevin Wright. Not one time did Kevin Wright have any dealing with any of this matter. I guess thats is what is called living in a "man's" world. Women who are stay at home mothers, with husbands who work all the time need to have some respect when they are the one making these decisions. Overall, I would of like to been treated less like a paycheck. Jim Hicks was very nice when I did meet with him as well as the guys who did the roof repairs. Everyone else I had dealing with I wasn't impressed and cant say I would give a recommedation.